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As a creative entrepreneur and innovator since 2008, I have successfully managed my fitness company, SerenaFit LLC, for over 15 years. Through my extensive travels and networking with hundreds of people worldwide, I recognize that effective communication is key to any business's success.


Whether you're seeking dynamic on-air brand representation, captivating hosting services, the creation of engaging organic social content, or a standout presence at a high-level convention or event, rest assured that I have the expertise to

elevate your brand to new heights.

"I've known Serena for 20+ years and know her to be diligent, thoughtful, and trustworthy as few people are. I would highly recommend working with her in any capacity."

Jason Abromaitis, CEO Launchpad Fitness

QVC Brand Ambassador

As a QVC Brand Ambassador, I'll represent your brand on one of the largest shopping networks in the world. I'll use my expertise in product promotion to engage viewers and drive sales. With my charismatic presentation skills and in-depth knowledge of your products, I'll help you reach a wider audience and boost your brand's visibility on QVC.

Corporate Wellness

Bring wellness and motivation to your corporate team by booking me as a speaker. I'll deliver inspirational talks on physical and mental well-being, stress management, and work-life balance. With my engaging presentations and practical insights, your employees will be equipped to enhance their overall health and productivity, ultimately benefiting your organization.

UGC Creation on IG/TikTok

I specialize in creating user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram and TikTok. By collaborating with me, you can leverage my creative skills to showcase your products in a relatable and engaging manner. I'll produce attention-grabbing content that resonates with your target audience, increasing brand awareness and user engagement through authentic delivery.

Hosting + Emceeing

When you hire me as an Event Host and Emcee, you can count on a professional and charismatic presence at your event. I'll ensure a seamless and engaging experience for your audience, whether it's a corporate gathering, product launch, or special occasion. With my exceptional communication and stage management skills, your event will leave a lasting impression.

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